Marcus L. Rowland (ffutures) wrote,
Marcus L. Rowland

TTH images - the onslaught continues

Four more, and I think possibly nearly the end; I only need to get Q and Z done and I'm finished.

Mostly SF this time - a couple of Treks, another popular SF series, and a blast from the past as Lilah and Linday meet one of the Senior Partners...

This one is actually more or less BtVS canon, one of Andrew's flights of fancy in season seven. I've just done a head swap and added the right insignia...

Once I spotted the resemblance to Wesley this one was more or less inevitable. Another simple head transplant.

I had to change Fred's eyes a little for this one, so that she's looking the same way as everyone else, may have taken it a little too far. Can't help thinking that the way it looks now she's checking out Seven's figure, but that's my dirty mind...

And finally - given the legal victories this guy managed to pull off, doess anyone doubt he's a Senior Partner?

As always comments are very welcome, especially if you spot something that needs changing or have a useful idea for Q or Z - it'll probably be Zorro, but I'm still looking for alternatives. Anyone else remember Zardoz?

Later - forgot to say that several of the images I've used come from cdybedahl's web site; other sources include the BBC and numerous online archives.

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