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...was a BIG success - sold several things and made some money for me and raised £6.40 for Cancer Research UK from my game table, and the stuff I put in the charity auction raised £74 for children's charities. That was small beer compared to e.g. £200 each for an advance copy of Cubicle 7's Dr. Who RPG (delayed in customs so it wasn't available at the con) and a boxed set of GW's Rogue Trader Warhammer RPG, £150 (I think) for a Planescape belt buckle, etc. etc.

Both games I ran were maxed out on players. The team for A Ceres of Unfortunate Events managed to get through it, do the things I'd planned, and survive more or less intact. And Earth Girls Aren't Easy went really well considering that it's mainly a player-driven scenario and I was running it from about fifty words of notes; basically all I did was provide several characters with some back story and things to hide etc., then sit there, stirring things a little occasionally, and providing clues etc. if things slowed down. The players managed to screw themselves comprehensively through a mixture of greed, a few really bad dice rolls, and very good role playing. It's definitely going into the book.

And amazingly both games were played with virtually no violence - three characters were punched in Earth Girls... at different points, that was it. Just shows that it can be done.
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