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norwegianne points out that fyrie has updated The Eighth Weasley, one of the earliest Buffy / Harry Potter crossovers, after a hiatus of eleven months. One of the stories that got me into fanfic, so it's nice to see it's still "alive". So far I've only seen it on her web site, but I'd imagine it'll be accessible on before long.

Dave Langford has released a new version of sfview, his program (for Windows 95 and later) that turns the Grolier CD-ROM version of the Clute / Nichols Science Fiction Encyclopaedia into a useful reference (it's crap without it!). Basically, it's an entirely separate database program which uses the Grolier files as its source, makes hundreds of corrections and addenda, and has everything accessible through a standard sort of Windows front-end rather than Grolier's piss-poor 640x480 graphics abomination. It's also considerably faster, fixes hundreds of broken links, etc. etc. See for details - it costs £11.75 or US$21.00, or Dave can also flog you the encyclopaedia CD itself, the two together costing £23.50 or US$44.00. Either way the price includes access to upgrades on line as they're released.

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