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Fanfic - BtVS / Angel / Marvel - Wolfbane part VI

This is the latest part of my BtVS/Angel/Marvel crossover Wolfbane, set two years after the end of Angel Season 5 (and ignoring the comics), and shortly after the end of the first story arc in The Pulse. For more on Jessica Jones see her Wikipedia entry, and various Marvel comics, most notably Alias (nothing to do with the TV show) and The Pulse. Some aspects of this story are a little AU for later issues of The Pulse, just assume that they're part of the general "fuzziness" of the Marvel universe.

This seems to be headed towards fairly adult concepts, so I'm now setting it as an 18 rating.

Previous parts of the story are archived here - for anyone who missed it, Part V was only posted a few days ago, so read that first!

Marcus L. Rowland

“Luke Cage, right?” said Finn. “I’m a big fan.”

“That’s good to know,” said Luke.

“Now then, Miss Ash?”

Nina stepped forward. “Yes?”

“We need to ask you a few questions about the circumstances surrounding your pregnancy and the recent kidnapping attempt.”

“Such as?” asked Luke.

“We have reason to believe that Miss Ash wasn’t the only victim. Miss Ash, can we talk privately?”

“That’s okay,” said Nina, “Mister Cage knows what happened to me.”

“You might want to re-think that,” said Finn. “Depending on the outcome of this conversation, you may be facing criminal charges.”

“What the hell?” said Luke. “What charges?”

“Statutory rape.”
* * * * *

Night was falling as the taxi pulled up outside the converted warehouse. Ben Urich, Jessica, and Kat Farrel climbed out, and Ben paid the fare.

“Now remember,” said Jessica, “we need to keep this low key. She’s been through a horrible ordeal; please keep the questions to an absolute minimum.” She looked around, spotted the only obvious entrance, and led the way towards it.

Overhead there was a loud crash, and glass showered down onto the sidewalk a few yards to their left. There was an echoing howl, and for a moment a furry head appeared at the broken window, four stories above, then seemed to be yanked back inside.

“If I didn’t know better,” said Kat, “I’d say that was a wolf.”

“Hell of a big one,” said Ben.

Jessica launched herself into the air and flew up to the window. Inside Luke had an arm-lock on a furry form, half woman and half wolf, and was pushing her towards a heavy steel door. A stranger was opening the door, while another covered it with a huge pistol.

“Just what the fuck is going on here?” asked Jessica, carefully avoiding the shattered glass as she flew in.

“Hi honey,” said Luke, “These assholes upset Nina, she needs to cool it for a while.”

“Don’t let her bite you,” said one of the strangers, “Unless you want to join her in there at the full moon.”

“Doubt she’s got Adamatium teeth,” said Luke, pushing Nina through the doorway, “and nothing much short of that’s going to be a problem.”

The guy at the door said “Famous last words” and pushed it shut. It shook as Nina crashed into it from the other side. “Hold it a second, I grabbed the key.”

“I thought she could only change at the full moon,” said Jessica.

“Stress sometimes triggers it,” said the other stranger, “she ought to be okay in a couple of hours. By the way, I’m Agent Finn, he’s Miller.” Miller locked the door as it shook again.

“I’d better get back down there and tell Ben and Kat that we’ll have to reschedule the meeting. What the hell do I say?”

“Reporters?” asked Finn.


“Tell them gang-bangers on PCP.”

“That’ll never work.”

“You’d be surprised. Okay, tell them there was a mutant attack, nothing to with your client but the FBI is on the scene and doesn’t want anyone else disturbing the evidence.”

“Great,” said Jessica, “let’s defame the mutants.”

She flew back down to the waiting reporters.

“What the hell was that about?” asked Ben.

“Gang-bangers on PCP. The FBI is dealing with it.”

“Sure it was,” Kat said sarcastically.

“Works for me,” said Urich.

Both women stared at him in surprise.

“What the hell are you talking about?” said Kat, “No way was that PCP.”

“When you’ve been in this job a little longer,” said Ben, “you’ll learn to recognise a few things. Things that more or less automatically get a story spiked, like anything that bad-mouths Nick Fury or SHIELD. And one of them is someone in authority telling you that something just plain weird is gang-bangers on PCP and keeping a straight face.”


“Look up the files on Sunnydale,” said Ben, “then tell me I’m wrong.”

“I’m sorry,” said Jessica, “this is a little awkward, I know.”

“When the feds have got their act together get back to us with the details they want us to have. Maybe there’ll be something we can salvage.”

“Okay,” said Jessica.

“This sucks,” said Kat.

“What does?” asked Ben. “Surely you aren’t suggesting that the FBI would be less than completely honest with the public?”

“I’d better head back up,” said Jessica, launching herself into the air again.

“You,” said Kat, “are going to buy me a large drink, and tell me more about this shit.”

“Works for me,” said Ben.
* * * * *

“The problem is the father,” said Finn. “We’re pretty sure we’ve identified him, and he’s a minor.”

“So Nina was running in the forest,” said Jessica, “and somehow stumbled across a kid and… and what? Raped him?”

“He’s a werewolf too,” said Miller, “He vanished from a farm near San Francisco two nights before the full moon, turned up locked in a shipping container at San Diego docks a week later. Forensics eventually found traces of a female werewolf in the container, and traces of Rohypnol and other drugs in his blood. He has no memory of the missing week.”

“His cousin’s a friend,” said Finn, “but even if he wasn’t we’d want to know who’s behind it, and what the hell they were up to. First, though, we need to make sure that Miss Ash wasn’t a willing participant.”


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