Marcus L. Rowland (ffutures) wrote,
Marcus L. Rowland

School's Out For Summer

Well, I begin four weeks holiday today, don't have to be back at work until August 8th. GREAT feeling of freedom.

Also hear that the TTH archive is up and running again and started to post some of the pictures I made while it was down.

Which brings me to...

Two guys on a mission for the Powers that Be...

This was remarkably easy; I had a picture of Lorne with his head at exactly the right angle, so I resampled it to the right size, which meant I had to make it a little wider than it usually is, and used a clone brush to overlay the new face on the old. The only tricky bit was the neck, since Lorne was wearing a high-collared shirt in the original.

...and a girl with a nasty past meets a guy(?) from a nasty future.

I couldn't find a colour version of the Faith picture so I ended up converting the other to grey scale. Seems to work.


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