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A while ago I mentioned that I intended to add scans of some bound magazine volumes to the Forgotten Futures collection - this is the first batch, hopefully there will be a few more but a LOT are in terrible condition or have been rebound without illustrations, I'm still working my way through to see if more are worth scanning.

The Idler - cover used for all bound volumes I've seen.

Pearson's Magazine - cover used for all bound volumes I've seen from 1896 up to at least 1906.

The Royal Magazine - no information on other volumes.

The Strand Magazine - cover used for all bound volumes I've seen from 1890 up to at least 1911.

The Windsor Magazine - cover used for all bound volumes I've seen, but I've only seen a few from circa 1900-1903.

These covers are fairly rare because the surviving volumes were usually rebound in leather - this is a real shame because the cloth covers are sometimes very nice indeed. The stupid part of this is that the leather bound volumes are often more expensive, but it's very hard to get a complete set with consistent binding.
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