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Marcus L. Rowland

fanfic - Xmas BtVS Drabble - Barbie Girl

Not a crossover for once. 100-word BTVS drabble.

This is a 100-word pre-series Buffy drabble, set at Christmas 1993. All characters belong to their respective creators, and there is no intent to infringe on copyright. This story may not be distributed on a profit-making basis.

Barbie Girl

by Marcus L. Rowland

She's nearly twelve, too old for Barbies, but her aunt doesn't realise that. Buffy pretends to be pleased, and presses the button to make it talk.

"Eat lead, cobra!" isn't what she expects, and the voice seems a little odd too.

"Cool!" says Dawn - it's her favourite word right now - reaching past Buffy to press the button: "Vengeance is mine!"

"Weird," says Buffy, as the doll adds "Dead men tell no tales!," "She's kick-ass Barbie."

Years later it's the only Barbie she's kept. Sometimes she wonders if her life would have been different if she'd been given Malibu Barbie instead.


Note: In 1993 members of the "Barbie Liberation Organization" swapped the voice boxes of hundreds of "Teen Talk" Barbie and "Talking Duke" GI Joe dolls and slipped them back onto shop shelves to heighten awareness of gender stereotyping.

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