Marcus L. Rowland (ffutures) wrote,
Marcus L. Rowland

And the Crossovers Continue...

Four more proofs that I am out of my mind, and wasting far too much time on this:

Vivian was quite impressed with the new tenant of the basement flat...

BtVS / The Young Ones, I know a couple of people were hoping I'd make one for this crossover.

"Science Fiction,
Double feature,
Come see Buffy,
Kill the creature..."

Not sure if this is the Buffy Horror Show or the Rocky Buffy Show.

I'm not really sure this next one works very well; S2 Halloween Xander (with eye-patch from S7) and Modesty Blaise. Comments would be appreciated. And if anyone can find a half-way usable Modesty Blaise picture that isn't the god-awful film please let me know.

And finally..

"What was that you were saying about 'strong like an Amazon'?"

The Scoobies really ought to be careful with their "Thy Will Be Done" spells.

Amazing but true: After I had the idea for this picture and the character pictures I went looking for a good picture of Sunnydale for background, and found the Magic Box picture on Google. When I clicked on it I found it was on a page called Diana Goes to Sunnydale! (and if you don't know that Wonder Woman uses the secret ID Diana Prince that one falls completely flat)


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