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Spinoff Meme - Mister Copper

OK, so now there's a fake spinoff meme, similar to the recent TV show meme, this one suggested by melyana and freifraufischer

The rules.
  1. Ask and you shall be assigned an existing tv show to spin off from. I will make every effort to chose one i know you are familiar with.
  2. You must use at least two characters from the original show (either from the main cast, or from recurring or guest characters). Original characters are permitted, as is stealing characters from other shows to round out your cast but try to avoid having more crossover characters than from the assigned show. Pictures are recommended but not required.
  3. Post the premise and character descriptions in your journal.

freifraufischer gave me Earth based Doctor Who. Modern or Classic. So I've come up with this:


Mister Copper

Mister Copper, an alien who has retired to Earth and was (more by luck than judgement) fairly rich (see Voyage of the Damned) decided to pass on the Doctor's kindness to others. To do so he set up the Mister Copper Foundation, which has been developing technology for use in the event of alien invasions (see The Stolen Earth) and helping deserving aliens and time travellers who don't want to invade, destroy the human race, etc. but find themselves stranded on Earth. It's pretty much the antithesis of Torchwood - except that every now and again less friendly aliens try to take advantage. Since the current director isn't an idiot there's an investigations branch, as well as medical and financial support for aliens that need it.

Mister Copper himself is dead, but wise investments have given the Foundation enough money to keep going for a few years - eventually the money will run out, so one of the story arcs will be the search for more funding. The general theme of the show is feel-good and upbeat; any tragedy is more likely to affect one of the visiting aliens / time travellers than the team themselves, and they're generally there to help, not to shoot implausibly large guns.

Harriet Jones (Penelope Wilton) runs the charity - we didn't see her die on-screen, and she was in fact partially protected by another of Mister Copper's ingenious devices; she spent several weeks in hospital, mainly because the house collapsed on top of her, and still walks with a stick (and no, it isn't sonic), so she needs more active employees to investigate deserving cases.

Sally Sparrow and Larry Nightingale (Carey Mulligan and Finlay Robertson) are the lead team on temporal investigations for a large chunk of the UK - their job isn't to confront time travellers, in fact they're actively discouraged from doing so. What they're supposed to do is discourage time travellers from making a quick fortune by betting, prevent meddling in history, etc. Since they don't actually know what the future is supposed to be like (remember, they aren't time travellers themselves) this needs a LOT of cunning.

Adam, Adele, Adric, Adeleide and Clarence (don't ask) are adipose that didn't make it to the mothership and were left behind on Earth. They're the Foundation's science team, and since the CGI is expensive they're not seen on screen very often.

The Doctor (Tom Baker) is a human who happens to look remarkably like the Fourth Doctor (but now much older), and has somehow deluded himself into believing that he really is a Time Lord. He's always coming into the offices with new gadgets he's invented for the Foundation, some of which almost work. Unknown to everyone, he really is the Fourth Doctor, who has used a Chameleon Arch to hide from himself and avoid a paradox, and is amusing himself by keeping an eye on the Foundation. Once the risk of paradox has passed he will restore his real self and leave, taking with him any other actors who want to leave the series at that point...

Miss Addams (Sinead Keenan) and Rossiter (Lawry Lewin) are Vinvocci currently living on Earth while trying to get their ship repaired - the 10th Doctor damaged it so badly it needs a LOT of fixing. They're not hostile, and can be helpful if approached carefully, but they're ready to steal technology and materials if they can't get them any other way. They have Shimmers, disguising hologram thingies, and use them when they have to go near humans.

There will also be guest appearances by Sarah Jane Smith and Luke etc. (who approve of the Foundation), Torchwood and UNIT representatives (who don't), Martha Jones (who runs the Foundation clinic but rarely gets out into the field) and possibly The Doctor.


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