Marcus L. Rowland (ffutures) wrote,
Marcus L. Rowland

Seeking teh shiny

This evening I was vaguely thinking it might be time to get a new laptop. Like my old iBook G4 but it's pretty heavy by modern standards. OTOH it has a reasonably good keyboard and it doesn't have a widescreen display, which really doesn't work too well for word processing. I'd much rather have a 14" standard format display than a 14" widescreen.

So I popped into the Apple store in Regent Street and took a look. Especially at the price tags. Ummmm....

Okay, let's just say that a new Mac just isn't on the cards. Any nice second-hand shiny around at present?

I should add that I really don't NEED to do this, and that the things I must have are a reasonable keyboard, 14" or similar screen, and DVD drive. I'm pretty sure I want to stay with some sort of Mac.

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