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Weird coincidence time

Three times today, while conducting entirely different Google image searches, I've hit the same site,, about Britain's 1950s / 60s sex goddess and (not very talented) actress Sabrina. I can work out why all three searches led there, more or less, but the sheer coincidence of it is a little boggling. If anyone's interested the three searches were for gold (I needed a gold texture for a picture I was working on, and the fifth or sixth picture I looked at showed her wearing a gold dress), for Joyce Grenfall (who of course was in a St. Trinian's film with Sabrina), and for the Goon Show (it's mentioned on the opening page of the Sabrina site). Since these searches were hours apart and involved different image hits I didn't realise it was the same site until I was on it. Incidentally, this was on, not, so the odds hadn't even been reduced by limiting the search to British sites - in fact if I had been limited to British sites with the extension I wouldn't have hit it!

I'm not saying that this is an impossible odd coincidence, it just seems a little unlikely. Like a lot of other things, if you put it into a story nobody would believe you. The picture below is her role as a schoolgirl in The Belles of St. Trinian's


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