Marcus L. Rowland (ffutures) wrote,
Marcus L. Rowland

Adventurer wanted

I'm writing the stats for the team of intrepid adventurers I'll be using for a Forgotten Futures playtest at a games con next weekend, and would like suggestions for at least one more. The genre is steampunk, and the plot is basically 1900-ish comedy espionage. I've put the rest of this in a cut since someone playing in the game might otherwise see it.

I normally prepare six characters for convention games and expect to use four or five of them, but every now and then I do end up with six players. This time I want the characters to be amateur spies, given the usual "when you're on holiday in XXX keep an eye open for YYY and ZZZ, old chap" vague instructions from a chum in the Foreign Office. So far I've got the following as my tentative choices:

The three characters from Jerome K. Jerome's "Three Men in a Boat", all of them more or less average people with skills more suited to office work and a friendly cricket game than espionage. I might consider replacing them with a comedy duo rather than trio, if anyone can suggest plausible characters for 1900-ish.

Miss Jane Marple, a precocious teenager, niece of one of the above who fancies herself as an amateur sleuth and actually has some talent in that direction (though not nearly as much as she thinks). Accompanied by NPC maid / chaperone who plays little or no part in the plot.

Montmorency the Steam Dog. Your basic steam-powered K9 equivalent. Probably best run as an NPC, but a fun role for anyone who is good at taking instructions completely literally and using them to cause maximum chaos.

And that's it. I'm stuck for a sixth character (or fifth and sixth if I use a comedy duo rather than trio). Preferably not a combat monster, femme fatale, etc. A servant of some sort is a possibility, but not a super-competent Jeeves clone or a Baldrick type.

Any suggestions?

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