Marcus L. Rowland (ffutures) wrote,
Marcus L. Rowland

Avengers casting

A couple of recent posts have mentioned that Joss Whedon is to direct an Avengers movie.

So, depending on which era, who should they cast? My thoughts are
  • Tony Head as Steed, of course.
  • Summer Glau is maybe a bit young to be Mrs Peel, but maybe if they set it in the New Avengers era she'd be OK as Purdey.
  • And if they did use the New Avengers era Alexis Denisof might be OK as Gambit - or possibly James Marsters though I'm not sure about that one.
Any thoughts on Mother etc?

My guess on villains would be the Cybernauts, high time they got another outing, though of course these days they'd look more human. Multiple Eliza Dushku's?

Note for the literally-minded - I am in fact aware which Avengers JW is directing...

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