Marcus L. Rowland (ffutures) wrote,
Marcus L. Rowland

The Campaign for Real Daleks

The Campaign for Real Daleks needs YOU!

If you have seen Doctor Who 5.3 you will know that they have rebooted Daleks in a new and somehow infinitely less frightening form. My guess is that this has been done purely for marketing purposes, so that they can sell lots of My Little Dalek models.

You are urged to take the following steps ONCE YOU HAVE SEEN THE EPISODE and experienced the full horror:
  1. Write or email the BBC complaining about the new Daleks Lite and requesting that they return to Classic Daleks.
  2. Add "Campaign for Real Daleks" to your Livejournal interests.
  3. Boycott merchandise based on the New Daleks and refuse to buy them for your kids etc. This is the one that may actually make the BBC pay attention.
And PLEASE pass this on as widely as you can.

Update Online petition here
It asks you to donate money but you don't have to do that to sign the petition.
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