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Adventures Wanted 2

How could I have forgotten this? The other game I'm planning to run this weekend is a Diana: Warrior Princess variant Elvis, the Legendary Tours. I have the same problem of needing up to six characters for the adventure.

I know that three of them will be Elvis, a bard searching for the lost magical Land of Grace, and his sidekicks Vlad Lennon and "Senator" Joe McCartney. I need three more, all of Guest Star status (e.g. moderately powerful).

The setting will probably be a mythologised America, so one possibility is riverboat gambler Wild Bill Gates, but I think something with more musical relevance would be better. For the convention game I might nick the idea of a druid variant of Buddy Holly from Pratchett, but that's not going to be something I can write up for publication.

So - any quick ideas on this? Need to get the characters written up and printed out today!

I'll post the list and stats of the Forgotten Futures characters later today - still writing them up.

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