Marcus L. Rowland (ffutures) wrote,
Marcus L. Rowland

Canal Cavalcade

Some photos from the canal cavalcade, which I ended up going to today. Since I was also going to a street market I took my cheap camera rather than the Nikon, and got some reasonable pictures despite fairly poor light.

Here's where it is:,-0.182251&spn=0.002523,0.006968&t=h&z=18

The main grouping of moored barges - here I'm on the South side of the triangle looking East.

Looking South-East towards Paddington Station from the main footbridge over the canal. The bridge is the crescent-shaped thing just South of the A40 Westway - unfortunately I forgot to take a picture of it, which is a pity because the design is very odd, and I can't find any good pictures on line - even Google Streetview doesn't have a good shot.

Walking towards the station and zooming in a bit, here's the back of Paddington Station - the building with GWR on the wall is the station hotel - GWR stands for Great Western Railway. The station started out as a Brunel design, and most of the layout is still retained.

Finally, this is looking West across the basin from the little park between Warwick Avenue and the basin.

Not much different to the last lot of pictures, I'm afraid - Over the weekend I may try to get out and take some more pictures along the canal, including some of the bits I haven't covered before.

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