Marcus L. Rowland (ffutures) wrote,
Marcus L. Rowland


I'd better say something about Miopocket, since it looks to be a very useful package for any Windows CE machine.

It's basically a suite of freeware programs intended to be added to e.g. a Windows CE GPS to give it more bells and whistles. It doesn't seem to be compatible with the old Jornada 720, unfortunately. There are six screens of icons, plus a lot of smaller icons for things like controlling the sound, turning the screen vertical or horizontal, etc. The main types of program are

Navigation - use the internal software of a satnav unit and not much good if the unit doesn't include GPS or software)-

Multimedia - music and video players, image viewers, paint softwareebook readers, etc.

Games - cards, sudoku, tetris, etc. etc.

Productivity - Some file viewers, calculators, wordpad and spreadsheet, calendar, appointmets, Internet Explorer, Opera, a remote desktop program, ink writer, etc.

Tools - system stuff, benchmarking, etc.

Settings - more system stuff

Most of it is formatted for pocket PC screens, but functionality is pretty good - I've found a couple that just won't run, but most things seem fine.

Best of all, things like the keyboard entry popup are much better than in the native applications for the tablet, and it doesn't seem to be impacting speed.

As far as I can tell this will run on most internet tablets, CE netbooks, etc., and it can run entirely off an SD card. I think it's well worth a look for any CE device, but make sure you back up before trying it!

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