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Marcus L. Rowland

Adventure Introduction

I decided that the best thing to do to express the idea of adventures was to have several pictures, not one, so I made a triptych of three stills from Just Imagine, across the top of the page, followed by a nice adventurous bit of text:

"What the devil!" gulped Keene. He twisted his head within his immovable helmet, peering through the rear visor glasses. Five—no, six figures in blue metal space suits were ranged behind him; they must have approached in the inaudibility of a vacuum while he had been scouring his suit free of the crystals. For a moment he had an eerie sensation of wonder, fearful that he faced some grotesque denizens of the mysterious black planet, but a glance revealed that the forms were human. So were the faces dim in the dusk behind the visors; so had been the voice he had heard.

Keene hesitated. "Listen," he said. "We're not interfering with you. All we want is some tungsten in order to fix our—"

"Move!" snapped the voice, whose tones traveled through the weapon hard against Keene's back. "And remember that I'm two thirds inclined to kill you anyway. Now move!"

The Red Peri

followed by the chapter title etc.

I did try skewing the illustration so that the quote was top left, then the illo, then the title at the right below the illo, but it didn't seem to work quite right, and I haven't been so flashy with previous sections, so I think the simple version is probably best.

But if anyone has any better suggestions for a good copyright-expired illo that expresses the idea of adventure please let me know.
Tags: forgotten futures, rpg, stanley weinbaum

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