Marcus L. Rowland (ffutures) wrote,
Marcus L. Rowland


I'd somehow missed this until it was mentioned by a couple of friends Torchwood is coming back, and Jack is still in it.

The only characters named so far are Jack and Gwen. My guesses are usually way off the mark, but I suspect that Mickey may end up as a team member, with Martha as an occasional visitor, eventually marrying Mickey and both leaving on idealogical grounds. Possibly one or two of the characters from Children of Earth?

I doubt that Ianto will return from the grave, despite being in the photo that illustrates the article I linked to - they already did that with Owen. And I REALLY hope they don't try to bring back Tosh or Owen yet again.

Who else? Not Donna, Rose, etc. Probably not Doctor 11 any time soon. And I doubt Sarah Jane, Luke, and co., she'd go to GREAT lengths to keep Capt. Jack out of their lives.

Captain John is an obvious possibility - he's presumably still around somewhere in time, currently James Marsters is in Caprica but that doesn't look to be a very important role so maybe he can find time to do other things.

Anyway, it will hopefully be interesting.

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