Marcus L. Rowland (ffutures) wrote,
Marcus L. Rowland

Weinbaum RPG adventurers

Sample characters

These are the sample characters I'm using for the Planets of Peril adventures - pictures from 1920s - 30s SF etc, with some edits, face transplants, etc.

From left to right:

Commander [Hubert] ‘Huntley’ Palmer (RNVR, League of Nations Patrol)
VERY British, not entirely happy about the weird shower he's been given as his crew.

Lieutenant Hiram Jones (Engineer)
New Yorker, suspects that Palmer regards him as some sort of native.

Hamilton ‘Ham’ Hammond (American Explorer / Journalist)
Fast with his guns and his fists.

Patricia Hammond (nee Burlingame; Venus-born Biologist / Explorer)
It's a close tie if she's rescued Ham more times than he's rescued her, or vice versa.

Professor Milton Morton (eccentric scientist)
"Eccentric" as in "barking mad," of course.

Doctor Otto Gerber (League of Nations diplomat and lawyer)
A Man of Mystery

Do they look about right for the roles?
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