Marcus L. Rowland (ffutures) wrote,
Marcus L. Rowland

You know you've been around the games hobby too long...

...when your name turns up on a corpse in someone else's adventure.

Noticing a post from someone who had noticed something odd under his name on Amazon, I decided to do a search for my own name.

And one of the items was

The Golem of Brick Lane (Fantom Empires) by John Sutherland and Gary Chalk (Paperback - 6 Oct 2005)

Further down it says

Excerpt - page 52: "familiar name and find the burial of Marcus Rowland, officiated by Hector's Chapel of Rest, Brick Lane. This is far too much of a coincidence"

So I took a look at the excerpt and found this:

Now I'm wondering how big a part Marcus Rowland plays in the story, and whether I should be pleased, annoyed, or threatening to sue - highly unlikely, but you never know.

Anyone own a copy and able to tell me?

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