Marcus L. Rowland (ffutures) wrote,
Marcus L. Rowland

Crossing Over Awards

Is it just me, or is it getting VERY hard to find stories that qualify for the Twisting the Hellmouth crossing-over awards and are actually worth rewarding? I've just tried to nominate some stories, could only find 12 categories I was happy with out of the permitted 60 nominations, with a total of 10 stories (a couple were in two categories). Four other stories I wanted to nominate were ineligible because they were finished after 1st June.

I shall obviously have to do more reading, but I'm wondering why it's so hard to find sufficient stories. My best guess is that many of the best writers have moved on from Buffy and write comparatively few crossovers that would qualify. Increasingly the authors I would have recced are writing in other genres, and what we're left with are the people who write fanfic based on other people's fanfic and rehash tired old ideas.

Looking at my stories in the qualifying period, at least half would not be eligible as complete Buffyverse crossovers, and a lot are entirely non-Buffyverse, which would tend to support that theory.

I hope that I'm wrong, and that there will be some good stories to vote for in most categories when voting time comes. But I'm not holding my breath waiting.

Much later - and the mods have just said that there will not be a NO AWARD option when voting,

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