Marcus L. Rowland (ffutures) wrote,
Marcus L. Rowland

Bicycle rental update

Holders for the new rental bikes have now appeared in Paddington Street, W1, one just West of Baker Street and the other half-way between Baker Street and Marylebone High Street. They don't seem to have installed the machinery for booking them in and out yet - I suspect that will go out just before they're ready to go live.

The odd thing about their location is that Paddington Street is quite narrow at the points they're using, and the machines seem to be set up so that the bikes will stick straight out, maximising the room they take on the road, rather than being at an angle as I'd expected. It'll be interesting to see how much room they actually take when the bikes are in the holders.

I've also noticed fittings for these machines in Baker Street (on the pavement this time), a couple of blocks south of Paddington Street, but they haven't installed the machinery yet.

I'll try to get some pictures next time I'm about with a camera.

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