Marcus L. Rowland (ffutures) wrote,
Marcus L. Rowland

Warehouse 13, Eureka, SPOILERS

Watched Warehouse 13 2.3 and Eureka 5.2 last night - and discovered just now that there are going to be canon Eureka / Warehouse 13 crossover episodes in a couple of weeks!

A thought on the Eureka episodes so far

Does anyone else think that Henry's new wife may have caused the time line shift? She has never been seen before unless I'm missing something, but she was messing with one of the vehicles just before the moment of the change, WASN'T thrown into the past, and has somehow come out of it married to him.

We don't know yet if he was ever with Kim in this time line; if he was did she die the same way? Did Henry change this history too?

And on Warehouse 13

I was completely faked out by the latest episode - with Wells in the mix I was thinking time machine and really didn't catch on to what was really going on until the properties of the projector were spelled out.

Looks like both are going to be fun series.

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