Marcus L. Rowland (ffutures) wrote,
Marcus L. Rowland

Another Ubuntu question

I've already got two PCs, a network laser and a network hard disk connected to the four network ports on my router.

To network the PC I'm going to be running as a Linux box I'll have to either add a switch to the network or put a wireless card into the PC. Since I have a spare wireless card that seems the best bet - what I want to be sure of is that it won't be a pain to make it work.

I'm assuming I'll install from a CD, and have downloaded and burned the latest Ubuntu image.

The card is an MSI PC54G3

According to the Ubuntu wiki

Model = PC54G3
Chipset = ?
Driver = rt61
Supports network install? = no
Supported in installed system? = yes
Works "out of the box" = No
Comments = Working in Feisty with instructions from here. No need for ndiswrapper or wpasupplicant.
Last Updated = 2006-08-18

I'm a bit confused by this - does this mean that if I put the card into the PC before I install Ubuntu

A: It'll install the driver automatically
B: It won't work unless I follow the instructions on that link, which to be honest don't mean much to me
C: I shouldn't do it that way, I should install the card later
D: Something else.

If anyone knows I'd appreciate advice. I don't have to do it this way, the PC has a network socket and I have a switch knocking around somewhere, if that will be a lot easier, but I'm not sure where this is going to end up, wireless might end up being more convenient.

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