Marcus L. Rowland (ffutures) wrote,
Marcus L. Rowland

Pimp my fic...

The Twisting the Hellmouth Crossing Over Award voting starts today; my nominated stories are:

Forever - nominated for Best Multiple Crossover (Buffyverse / Highlander / about four other crossovers, most notably Veronica Mars and Six Feet Under)

The Return - nominated for Best non-Buffy crossover (NCIS / DC Universe / West Wing / Bones), my big Supergirl story.

Grounds For Divorce - nominated for Best Highlander Crossover - Buffy / Highlander, it's a prequel to a couple of other stories including Forever.

Kafkaesque, also nominated for Best Multiple Crossover. Short and silly Buffy / Kafka / Xena. yes, this does mean I have two stories in the same category, possibly reducing the chance of either winning, but never mind.

Deeds of Maidenly Unkindness, nominated for Best Movie Crossover; Buffy / St. Trinians. It's also nominated for a moderator award as best crossover based on a British source, but this doesn't get voted on.

Lots of other good stories nominated, as well as some real stinkers. If you're eligible to vote please help to eliminate the dross...
Tags: fanfic

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