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Fanfic: NCIS / Dexter: Give The Boys A Great Big Hand - II

Here's the second part of my NCIS / Dexter / multiple crossover.

Part 1 is here. This chapter won't make much sense if you haven't read it!

No special warnings, apart from BIG spoilers for Dexter Seasons 2, 3 and 4.

This is a multiple crossover, beginning with NCIS and Dexter and eventually taking in several other fandoms. Some sections include passages with a first person viewpoint, reflecting the narrative style used in (for example) the Dexter TV show and books. I will always try to make the identity of the viewpoint characters clear.

MAJOR spoilers for Dexter S2 to S4.

See the first chapter for disclaimers etc.

Give the Boys a Great Big Hand

By Marcus L. Rowland


"Why do you want to take your team to Miami?" asked Leon Vance.

"I want to follow up on the hand," said Gibbs, "the Marten case."

"Follow up is simple; you mail it to the Miami PD and tell them they've lost a scumbag, let them solve it for themselves."

"It was found on a US Navy vessel; that makes it our case."

"It didn't originate there. It's a matter for the Miami PD."

"Obviously we'll need their help," said Gibbs, "but the second the Navy became involved it became our case."

"That your last word?" asked Vance.


"Good; Have a nice time in Miami. Here's your authorization." Vance produced a brown envelope and gave it to Gibbs, with the air of someone bestowing a favour.

"Okay," Gibbs said suspiciously, "What am I missing?"

"Shouldn't you be packing your bag?"

"It's already packed. What am I missing?"

"Enjoy your flight." Vance began to leaf through a folder, indicating that the meeting was over.

After a few seconds Gibbs shrugged and began to move towards the door. Without looking up, Vance said "Don't forget to give Agent Fornell my regards when you see him."

* * * * *

Fornell was waiting at Gibbs' desk when he returned to the bullpen, uneasily watched by McGee, DiNozzo and Ziva, and handed Gibbs a coffee. Gibbs glared at his team, and said "Well, go get packed. Our flight to Miami leaves in three hours." There was a sudden exodus towards the elevators.

"What do you want, Tobias?" asked Gibbs, gesturing for Fornell to follow him to one of the private conference rooms.

Fornell smiled. "Just a small favour."

"How small?"

"There's a rumour that you're going to Miami."

"Word travels fast. What do you want, Fornell?"

"Did you ever work with Frank Lundy?"

"The profiler?"

"Yes, one of the best agents we ever had. He retired a few months ago."

"I spoke to him a couple of times, got his opinion on some perps; we were never officially on a case together. Why?"

"Four nights ago he was murdered in Miami. The policewoman he was with is still in critical condition."

"What was he doing in Miami?"

"He was on the trail of a serial killer he called Trinity. He thought he had evidence of a series of kills going back about thirty years, but it was all circumstantial, a lot of them could have been accidents or suicide. He was trying to find enough evidence to convince the Bureau and get some real resources on the case. One of the reasons why he retired was that Deputy Director Adams wasn't buying his theories."

"So Trinity killed him?"

Fornell stood and went to look out of the window, over the Navy Yard. "Maybe, but I don't think so. A couple of years ago he was lead agent on a big serial killer case in Miami, they called the killer the Bay Harbor Butcher."

"Doesn't ring any bells."

"The killer was apparently a cop called Doakes, but he was killed before Frank could arrest or question him. There was a ton of forensic evidence, and some circumstantial, but there were no witnesses. Adams decided to close the case, but Frank was never a hundred percent convinced."

"Adams always was an asshole. How did you find out about it?"

"Over a few beers, how else?" said Fornell. "Anyway, while he was in Miami the first time around he hooked up with a homicide cop called Debra Morgan, the woman that was shot with him. It was a high profile investigation; the murderer must have known who they were."

"Go on," said Gibbs.

"The reason they called him the Bay Harbor Butcher was that he was butchering the bodies and dumping them at sea in garbage bags. A lot of people called him a hero because all of the victims were killers, people who literally got away with murder because the evidence wasn't quite good enough, or there was a technicality that screwed things up, or the cops only found out about it after they were dead."

"And our victim's a scumbag, and turned up in a garbage bag? It's a little flimsy, isn't it?"

"It occurred to me to wonder if the Butcher framed Doakes and changed his MO a little; dumped the bodies in a different location, where they'd be carried away by the current. He'd be quietly getting on with his life, killing scumbags nobody would miss. Then Frank Lundy reappears, and he's hanging out with one of the cops that were after him first time around. Maybe he got nervous, and decided to eliminate the threat."

"That's one hell of a theory, Tobias," said Gibbs.

"It is, isn't it?" said Fornell "But I can't prove anything, and I don't have enough evidence to get the Butcher case reopened. Lundy was a private citizen when he died, not an agent, and Adams doesn't want us involved. Until someone proves it wasn't just a random street crime it's out of our jurisdiction."

"But not mine."

"Officially you're investigating a case that has nothing to do with Lundy, Trinity, or the Bay Harbor Butcher. It really may have nothing to do with them. But if you could keep your eyes open, and maybe find reasons to broaden the scope of your enquiry."

"It would pretty much have to be a cop, wouldn't it," said Gibbs. "He'd need all sorts of access, to know how to frame Doakes, and to know that Lundy was back in town."

"A cop," said Fornell, "or someone with good sources on the force. But Miami Metro is a big department, and it could be any of hundreds of people."

"Okay, I'll bear it in mind."

* * * * *

Dexter Morgan

It's four nights since Trinity shot Frank Lundy and my sister Debra. Already I've learned that Trinity is Arthur Mitchell, an apparently blameless citizen. I should really kill him, but I'm fascinated by him. How does he balance serial killings and family? And how long can I keep living my double life without sleep?

"Did you see the hottie?" asked Vince Masuka.

I yawned again and said "Hottie?"

"One of the navy cops. They're in LaGuerta's office."

"Navy cops?" I asked tiredly.


"What have they got to do with us?"

"Damned if I know. I think that -- Shit, here they come."

I looked up from my microscope, and saw Lieutenant LaGuerta approach, with three men and a woman following her. Two of the three men were in their thirties, I guessed, the third was probably in his fifties, holding a Starbucks cup, and I guessed immediately that he was in charge. The woman was probably in her early thirties and looked beautiful and deadly. I was irresistibly reminded of Lila, my former lover and eventual victim.

"Lieutenant?" I said.

"Good morning, Dexter, how's your sister?" asked Maria LaGuerta.

"They think she'll make a full recovery," I said, "but you know what she's like, she'll probably try to come back before she's ready."

"I'll make sure she's okay before she's cleared for duty. Now then, Agent Gibbs, if you'd like to explain?"

"I'm Special Agent Gibbs, NCIS," said the older man. "Agent McGee, Agent DiNozzo," he gestured towards the other two men, "and Agent David," the woman. He pronounced her name with a short "a", and it sounded foreign and exotic.

"Pleased to meet you. What can we do for you?"

"We have some human remains that we think originated in Miami," said Gibbs. "They were found by a Navy vessel under classified circumstances. We've identified the victim as a convicted criminal from this area, a paedophile named Nathan Marten."

"Okay," I said cautiously, recognizing the name, and trying to imagine how Marten had made his way from the sea bed to a ship. "If you already have the ID, what do you want us to do about him?"

"Apparently he disappeared last year; presumably a forensics team checked his house. We need to see the records."

"Nothing seems to have come through to me," said LaGuerta.

"That's odd. What was the name again?"

"Nathan Marten."

I typed the name into my computer and waited for the results, didn't get any, tried another and drew another blank, and broadened my search to the whole state. Eventually I found something. "We didn't handle it, it's a Miami Dade case." I hadn't even realised that anyone had been looking for him.

"That's odd," said LaGuerta, "His home is well inside our area."

"It says it was part of an ongoing investigation, but doesn't give details." I couldn't help yawning. "Sorry, with Debra injured and the baby teething I'm not getting enough sleep."

"Who's the investigating officer," asked Gibbs.

"A CSI called Horatio Caine," I said.

"That cocksucker!" said Vince.

"You know him?" asked DiNozzo.

"Total asshole," said Vince. "Thinks he's god's gift to forensics, and runs around with a gun pretending to be a cop. Good luck if he's had his paws on the case."

"Is that so?" said Gibbs.

"He gets results," said LaGuerta. "I've sometimes wondered about some of them. He can be very ingenious when he looks for evidence to support a theory."

"That sounds like an accusation," said DiNozzo.

"Not exactly," said LaGuerta. "The DA seems to be happy with his work."

"I see," said Gibbs.

I hoped that he did, and that he'd take anything that Caine said with several pinches of salt.


Comments please before I post to archives. Some small changes made in the last scene, and to fix spelling mistakes.
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