Marcus L. Rowland (ffutures) wrote,
Marcus L. Rowland

Arcane Forgotten Futures booklet

Back in 1997 Arcane Magazine gave away copies of the Forgotten Futures brief rules and introductory adventure as a rather nice colour-printed booklet, illustrated by Rob McPhillips. It was so nice that I asked if I could have a few more copies, and they gave me a hundred...

From time to time I've given copies of this to charity auctions, usually accompanied by CDs etc. I think they're now pretty rare.

I'm now down to a few copies which I'm going to keep for that purpose, and two that are, to be frank, slightly tatty. Not seriously damaged, just slightly creases, a doge-eared corner on one of the back covers, etc.

Since I wouldn't want to auction them, I'm giving them away here. First two people FROM THE UK to say they want them can have them, but you'll have to send me a couple of first-class stamps. Of course if you would also like to make a donation to Cancer Research UK while you're sending me things that'd be cool too...

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