Marcus L. Rowland (ffutures) wrote,
Marcus L. Rowland

Chemistry reality check

On re-reading the Ceres adventure I'm a little concerned about one aspect of the science I described.

For various reasons I needed a way to transfer large quantities of electrostatic charge in a tunnel system filled with a water-ammonia mix - basically, bits of the interior act somewhat like a Van de Graaff generator, causing some interesting problems for the adventurers. Conductivity of that mixture is low, but it does let a little electricity through.

The way I had this working was that one of the byproducts of native life was "droplets" of a silicone compound that had the interesting property of absorbing charge and storing it inside the droplets. If the surface of the droplet is damaged the charge is released. Each droplet only carres a teeny charge, but there are a LOT of them.

It's a hell of a hand wave, but does it sound even vaguely plausible?

If not, anyone got any better suggestions?
Tags: forgotten futures, rpg, stanley weinbaum

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