Marcus L. Rowland (ffutures) wrote,
Marcus L. Rowland


Holy frack!

Just did a routine backup and decided to make a new PDF of the word file to date.

Counting all files, backups, etc., including early versions of illos I am no longer using, Corel Draw files that will eventually be PDFs, backups, etc., the Weinbaum game currently occupies 365mb. The file for the main game is currently 36mb, and according to Word represents 85269 Minutes of work, a bit over 1400 hours or about 60 days of non-stop writing (some of which is probably the file staying open while I so something else, of course) with the current version being revision 260.

Amazingly, the PDF of the main game comes out at only 6 MB so far, with the fiction, some deck plans and other PDF files taking it to say 12 MB in five files. That's at a good resolution for on-screen reading, as preferred by Steve Jackson Games e23 site. Sometimes I really like Acrobat!

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