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Movies for Titan

Does this seem a good list of films to be shipped to Titan at colossal expense? Basically, the League of Nations and American government want to try to encourage the colonists to feel like they are part of the wider community, the last two are shipped in by Belle Nova, owner of the only bar on Titan, who wants to make a big fat profit:

  • News Review – a two-hour newsreel summary of the most recent news from Earth and the other planets up to a day or so before takeoff. It includes events on Earth, Venus, Mars, and the moons of Jupiter. If the adventurers have been in the public eye on any of these worlds it may be mentioned. The tone is generally upbeat; for example the financial news minimises the effects of the recent depression and concentrates on the economic recovery. Provided by the League.
  • Gold Diggers of 2115 – The latest smash hit musical, considered a significant cultural event in its inclusion of music from a dozen Earth nations, and an amazing zero-gravity dance routine. League.
  • Romeo and Juliet – The Royal Shakespeare Company’s critically acclaimed production, set on Ganymede and featuring a mixed Human / Nympus cast. League.
  • Kartoon Kapers – a compilation of eight short animated films from studios in several nations featuring Micky Mouse, Donald Duck, the Road Runner, a Russian folk tale, a British comedy based on Edwin Abbott’s Flatland, and so forth. League.
  • America Today – Similar to News Review, but concentrating much more on events inside the United Americas, and generally emphasising America’s role as the most powerful nation in the Solar System. Provided by the American government.
  • Bon Baisers de Vénus (With Kisses From Venus) – A romantic comedy, in which the goddess Venus assumes human form and travels from her world to Earth by stowing away on a freighter, wreaking havoc aboard ship and in Paris. Includes risqué situations and nudity, banned in Rome, Cleveland and Chicago. French with English subtitles. Ordered by Belle.
  • It Came from the Red Spot! – SF / horror, in which a small isolated colony strangely like Nivia (the film uses stock newsreel footage of the city) but allegedly on an unnamed moon of Jupiter is menaced by hideous man-eating blobby monsters. Ordered by Belle.

Vaguely plausible, considering what government cultural programs are often like?
Tags: forgotten futures, rpg, stanley weinbaum

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