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Fanfic: Drabble, Lois & Clark / Harry Potter - Frog Day Afternoon

100-word Lois and Clark / Harry Potter crossover, sequel to Owls Over Metropolis

All characters belong to their respective creators and there is no intention to infringe their copyright. This story may not be distributed on a profit-making basis.

Frog Day Afternoon

Marcus L. Rowland

Lois grabbed a wriggling frog, dunked it in chili sauce, and bit its head off.

Clark stared, and said "Lois, are you--?"

Lois took another bite and said "An evil clone? Nope. They're chocolate frogs, Calvin sent them from Salem."

"I know... I was wondering about the chili sauce. Are you--?"

"Pregnant? Nope."

"Okay, I give up. Why chili?"

"Seriously? Superman has nothing else to worry about?"

"Things are quiet. Why chili?"

She dipped another frog and gave it to Clark: "Try it!"

"It's... Ewww!" He spat it out.

"Okay, I owe Martha ten dollars. You really are that gullible..."


For the perplexed... in the Lois and Clark TV series Lex Luthor replaced Lois Lane with a defective clone who had to eat a special type of frog to survive. For some reason I suddenly remembered the Potterverse chocolate frogs, and that plain chocolate is quite nice with a little chilli, but milk is just vile...

I've previously used this title for an otherwise unconnected short story, one of my few professional fiction sales: Frog Day Afternoon.

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Tags: drabble, fanfic, harry potter, lois and clark

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