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FF XI Progress report

Finished converting the game to HTML tonight

Made a new PDF of the game with a couple of dozen corrections etc.

Started work on the "front end" for this release, the HTML page that will link the files - the current version works but isn't very attractive, needs more work.

Still to do

- get the other disk contents sorted (game rules etc. and the bonus files I send out to registered users.

- finish off the latest FF CD-ROM which has been waiting on me finishing FF XI

- design a label for the distribution CD and the new FF CD-ROM

Hopefully I will get this all done over the next week or so, with a view to posting things to registered users at the end of next week, or early the following week. Things are made a little more complicated by my being away this weekend, but I'm still pretty sure I will get there in the end, and will have disks ready before Dragonmeet at the end of the month.

Fingers crossed, knock wood, etc....
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