Marcus L. Rowland (ffutures) wrote,
Marcus L. Rowland

Software rec - notetab pro

I do most of my text editing using NoteTab pro, a programmer's editor which replaces Windows notepad (you can use it on a mac via WINE) and has some nice features that hugely simplify converting large documents to HTML etc.

One that made my life immensely easier this time around is the "convert characters to HTML" command which converts extended characters such as £ and © and ¾ and the bloody Word "smartquotes" to proper HTML without having to look things up, and did the entire document (about 90k words) in about two seconds.

Another is block editing, where you can select a column of text and cut or delete it - VERY handy with some tables etc. and the directory file I mentioned in a previous post.

I probably only use about 5% of its features, but it's good and has never let me down. Strongly recommended!

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