Marcus L. Rowland (ffutures) wrote,
Marcus L. Rowland


REALLY obscure question aimed primarily at Demon users / ex-users who might be familiar with Turnpike. Not sure if any other ISP issued it as standard.

I used to have a Demon account and I'm still using Turnpike as my newsreader / email program though NTLworld is my current ISP. It's old, but it's rock solid and has never crashed or lost me a message. But sometime soon I'll be moving everything onto a new PC, and I want to keep the old messages, newsgroups, passwords etc.

What think I did last time was to do a fresh install of Turnpike on the new PC, then copy all the files across from the old one and just dump them into the Turnpike directory. After that it just did some sort of self-repair thing that took a couple of minutes and worked fine.

Does anyone know if I'm remembering it right?

Alternatively, is there a more modern XP compatible program that can import Turnpike files?

Later Found the FAQ - looks like it's copy files first, then install over the top of them

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