Marcus L. Rowland (ffutures) wrote,
Marcus L. Rowland

Hopefully not a stupid question

Yet another computer graphics question, but totally unrelated to the others I've asked recently.

The computer I use as a media PC has VGA out only. My TV has VGA and HDMI inputs, but for some reason doesn't support wide screen VGA - the screen is actually 1366 x 768, but the best graphic mode it supports through this port is 1024 x 768 standard aspect, not widescreen. For TV programs etc. I can work around this by stretching the picture to fill the screen and setting VLC media player to a pixel aspect of 4:3, but most other programs have no way to compensate.

I'd been vaguely thinking about a VGA to HDMI adapter box, but that's seriously expensive. However, I just discovered that DVI to HDMI appears to be a lot easier to implement - just an adapter that costs around £2 and an appropriate cable. And you can get a basic 128mb DVI card with PC Express interface around a tenner.

Has anyone got any experience with this, and is there any down-side I should be aware of?

(Apart from needing an HDMI switch since I will then have two HDMI outputs and one socket on the TV...)

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