Marcus L. Rowland (ffutures) wrote,
Marcus L. Rowland

More website problems

Something weird has happened to my ntlworld website, which you may have bookmarked as - it's still there, but I can't access it via FTP to make changes. It appears that this is a legacy site that isn't very well supported any more (as in I had endless problems when I spoke to technical support about it) and it may not be possible to solve the problem.

Since NTLworld are owned by Virgin it turns out that I can have a bigger Virgin site as part of my account. As a temporary measure I'm setting up this account now - it's simply a backup of the ntlworld webpage, but has the advantage that I will at least be able to update it, and I think it may load a bit faster and with fewer problems

For now points to the old ntlworld site - In the long term I may move it to the hosting site I use for my other sites, which has VERY good technical support, and will avoid problems if I eventually change my ISP.

Please note that I will NOT be reading mail sent to the Virgin account associated with this web site, it will bounce automatically.

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