Marcus L. Rowland (ffutures) wrote,
Marcus L. Rowland

Android tablets?

Welcome to the latest installment of "Marcus wants a supercomputer in his pocket for 50p..."

Currently I own two Windows CE PDAs which for one reason or another I'm not making much use of:

An HP Jornada 728 - nice pocket PC with a good keyboard but not a lot of software, and the weird screen resolution (640 x 240) means that that you can't see a lot of text while typing / reading. It's OK for notes but I'm not really using it seriously. WiFi but seriously unreliable, especially when connecting to new networks.

A no-name 5" tablet - works, but I seem to be using it more to play games than anything else. Wifi works much better but a low-res screen makes for eye strain. It's seriously difficult to install software because of weird design decisions, and bottom line, I simply don't like it much.

So I'm thinking in terms of selling both of them and going for something like a 7" Android tablet - yes, I know certain people think a 7" iPad is on the way, but I probably wouldn't be able to afford it.

So - bearing in mind that I probably don't want to use this as a phone, much more as a WiFi web browser / notepad / ebook reader, is this a good idea or is android more trouble than its worth.

What I definitely need
  • WiFi
  • good web browser, preferably with ability to show YouTube etc.
  • ebook reader with multiple formats including mobi, pdf, etc.
  • word processor with some ability to save files locally (I don't trust clouds)
  • A GOOD onscreen keyboard, plus the ability to use a real keyboard.
  • Ability to use USB memory sticks
  • Reasonable battery life
  • A few good games e.g. sudoku, bejewelled, spider solitaire
Is this asking for the moon, or are there tablets around that might meet my needs? Preferably low priced, e.g. I notice Morgans have something for £72 but the battery life is a little short. I probably need to sort this fast because the price of 2nd-hand Windows CE kit is falling fast and I'd hope to recoup some of the cost by selling the old stuff.

Any thoughts?

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