Marcus L. Rowland (ffutures) wrote,
Marcus L. Rowland

I has another Pearsons'

This one is the Pearsons' Weekly volume I was expecting, covering June 1918 to the start of April 1919. The paper is fairly poor, not crumbling but discoloured and dark, but I ought to be able to scan some of the more interesting stuff. REALLY small type (due to paper rationing) may be more of a problem. But there's some interesting stuff there, such as a gloating translated extract from a German "the Kaiser will win the war" book that reads a LOT like all of the "Britain will conquer the world" stories a few years earlier and a lot of adverts. Such as

This was initially slightly larger than the scanner, I've reduced it to about 50 DPI to get the file size small - I've also had to spend an inordinate amount of time editing the background to get rid of spots, varied paper colour, etc. I suspect that I won't scan more than a small portion of the book, but it's going to be interesting.

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