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Fanfic: With Friends Like These [13] Dr Who / Discworld

I seem to be having a productive week for fanfic.

Another story in my Dr. Who crossover series. Martha Jones must have had a lot of help during the year that never happened, but some of her helpers must have had their own agendas. 100 word Drabbles, multiple crossovers, previous stories are here.

With Friends Like These... [13]

"That's the situation," said Martha, "If the Master wins he'll start with Earth and conquer the universe. I know it isn't your fight, but one day he might find a way to follow you."

"Ach, waily, waily!" shouted one of the mac Feegles

"The bigjob kelda has the richt of it," shouted another; "Nae King! Nae Quin! Nae Laird! Nae Master! We willna be fooled again!"

"Nae Master!" yelled the Pictsies.

"Thanks guys," shouted Martha, "but..."

"Gie' they Toclafane some heid!"

Martha sighed. She had no doubts about their enthusiasm, but talking to the pictsies was giving her a headache.


I think this sort of fits the theme of the other stories, but I'd love to see someone write a longer "Pictsies on the Valiant" story in which the Master learns just how bad a mistake he has made annoying them...

Comments please before I post to archives.

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