Marcus L. Rowland (ffutures) wrote,
Marcus L. Rowland

Realism versus Art?

Thinking about style for The Struggle for Empire and FF XII

The setting for the next Forgotten Futures is a 1900 novel describing a space war that reminds me in some ways of the Russo-Japanese war - very long cruises to meet an enemy fleet, then incredibly savage battles. I've been thinking in terms of going for maximum realism in the artwork, lots of 3D models, Imperial Space Navy recruiting posters, etc., but should I maybe think about something a bit more stylised for some of the pictures? Hokusai's art of the period comes to mind, for example this:

Obviously I can't hope to match Hokusai, but the idea of going for something that isn't trying to look like a photo has a lot of appeal. I'd probably be starting off with 3D models anyway, but it might be a fun way to do things. For example, here's a fairly crude version of one of the spaceships firing its guns (they roll to bring the next lot of barrels to bear, so the ones facing right are firing, the ones on top have just fired and are still venting gas, etc.:

Now here's the same image posterized

and again solarized and adjusted for highlight and shadow.

I feel that both of the manipulated images have a more lively feel than the first, though they're identical apart from colours.

Any thoughts?
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