Marcus L. Rowland (ffutures) wrote,
Marcus L. Rowland

Army & Navy stores reprint volume

I mentioned that the Army and Navy Stores catalogue I've been scanning is available pretty cheaply in a reprint version. I was rather dismissive because the page count listed on Amazon made it appear that it doesn't include the full index. Since it's cheapish (about a tenner) I ordered a copy anyway. And the verdict...

It's actually very good, and does include the full index; I suspect someone has checked the last page number and given that as the total page count, without realising that there are another 70 pages up front.

Reproduction is pretty good - I'd say about as good as my scans, maybe marginally less detail on some illustrations but good enough for any purpose I can readily imagine.

I haven't done a page by page comparison, but short of that it seems a real bargain at £6.45 plus P&P and up for a good second-hand copy, about 0.75p a page inc. P&P.

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