Marcus L. Rowland (ffutures) wrote,
Marcus L. Rowland

drabble (multiple crossovers) - Over-Egging the Cake

Multiple Drabble. Sometimes you get help that can be a little overwhelming... Small language warning.

Over-Egging the Cake

Marcus L. Rowland

"Anticlimactic," said Legolas, watching clouds of debris rise from Mordor.

"No problem," said Superman. "Sauron expected you to come across country, I just tunnelled there, took the Ring up into Mount Doom." The sky rippled, and a glowing portal appeared. He flew up, vanishing with a faint sonic boom.

"Let's head back to civilization" said Boromir.

"Aye," said Gimli.

Overhead Defiant decloaked and fired quantum torpedoes at the distant volcano. Samwise half-heartedly cheered.

"Works for me," said Frodo.

"We need a new quest," said Aragorn. "This one's buggered."

"Hmmm...." said Gandalf. "Did I ever mention a boy called Harry Potter...?"

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Tags: drabble, fanfic, multiple crossovers

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