Marcus L. Rowland (ffutures) wrote,
Marcus L. Rowland

Motorbike update

The latest on this is that it will be cheaper to fix it myself than make an insurance claim - I have to pay the first £200 of any claim, and it would probably cost more than that if I involve mechanics, vehicle transport people, etc. I would also have to pay for my travel while the bike was being repaired.

So I've replaced the license plate today, and ordered replacements for the windscreen etc. which ought to come next week. I need to order a couple of extra bits I've just noticed - it turns out that part of the plastic "glass" of the speedometer has gone milky from the heat, and the second mirror is more badly damaged than I initially thought - but the total cost shouldn't be more than £150 or so, which will be considerably less than the cost if I actually make a claim.

But it's already street legal again, with the plate replaced and the mirrors temporarily fixed, so I've only had to pay for one day of public transport. It could be a LOT worse.

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