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Marcus L. Rowland

My Army of Evil expands, colour coding, and news of Sarah Jane

This week's Doctor Who magazine has an "army" of 17 iDaleks as its give-away; they're the same size as the pack of five they gave away a few months ago, e.g. too big for use with 25/28mm figures, but you get five each orange, red, and blue, a yellow and a white. Not quite sure yet what my army will be used for, but I do own the current Dr. Who RPG and sooner or later I may get around to running it.

The magazine also says what the colours mean:

White = Supreme
Red = Drone
Orange = Scientist
Blue= Strategist
Gold = Eternal
Not sure what all of these mean yet - my guess is the Eternals are the leaders, and drones are the soldiers, but I could be wrong. Why their army needs 5 scientists out of a total force of 17 (or 10 out of 22 if I count the last pack) isn't clear, but I'll probably paint them anyway.

Next week apparently there will be eight Sontarans and eight Cybermen, hopefully in a similar sort of scale. It would be nice if at some point they gave away a UNIT army and Dr. Who and companions to go with them...

The Sarah Jane news - back this year for more adventures including "The mystery of the Man Who Never Was", "Powerful and even heartbreaking stories for Clyde and Rani, and maybe even the return of a certain mysterious parrot and his pet Shopkeeper"

Nearly forgot to mention that the magazine includes "Dalek Horoscopes" covering the 12 traditional signs - no thirteenth sign. Not surprisingly, all 12 read "YOU WILL BE EXTERMINATED". No change in policy there then...
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