Marcus L. Rowland (ffutures) wrote,
Marcus L. Rowland

More Wikipedia stuff

This has turned up as a message to me on Wikipedia:
Yours is not the only game designer page that is currently under threat from deletion. Marcelo Del Debbio, Paul Drye, Ann Dupuis, Pete Fenlon, Lee Gold, Joseph Goodman (was redirected, but could be restored if sources are found), Geoffrey C. Grabowski, Rob Heinsoo, Gary Holian, ‎Jeff Koke, Christopher Kubasik, Scott Leaton, Chris Wiese, Ken Lightner, and Clinton R. Nixon are also in need of help. If there is an organized attempt going on to get your article sourced, then it would be helpful if people could also take a look at these designers' articles and improve them to spare them from deletion.

I don't actually know who started the ball rolling on revising my page, a lot of it was already done when I looked last night, but it appears to be someone with a reasonable knowledge of RPGs. If it was someone who reads this journal it would be good if you could lend a hand with these pages too.

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