Marcus L. Rowland (ffutures) wrote,
Marcus L. Rowland

Postal prices

I forgot to post this here, apologies if you've already seen it on my sites or ffutures_news

Postal prices revisited

Royal Mail prices will be rising on April 4th. For several years the extra price I've charged for customers overseas (£1.00) has been well below the actual cost of postage. Unfortunately this is now reaching a point where I must either raise prices or reduce the contribution I give to charity.

As of April I'll be applying the following charges for postal customers.

Forgotten Futures first registration or FF CD-ROM (two mailings)
UK - no change
Europe - £1.50 (up £0.50)
USA, Canada, Australia, Japan, etc. - £2.00 (up £1.00)

FF Charity CD-ROM or FF registration renewal (one mailing)
UK - no change
Europe - £1.00 (no change)
USA - £1.50 (up 50p)

Please note that none of these charges apply to downloads, which are cheaper for everyone!
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