Marcus L. Rowland (ffutures) wrote,
Marcus L. Rowland

Stereoscopic Pictures

A few days ago I found a volume of The Royal Magazine, dated 1900, which ran a rather interesting feature. For each of the six months covered by the volume there is a "Stereoscopic Gallery" of six pairs of pictures, ranging from militaria to tourist pictures. My plan is to include all 36 on the next release of the Forgotten Futures CD-ROM, accompanied by versions modified to be viewed with red-green glasses - there's a rather nifty Windows freeware program called StereoPhoto Maker that does this conversion reasonably easily.

Here's the first picture, as a stereo pair - to view it sit well back and try to fuse the left and right images by crossing your eyes - and as a red-green image; since the pictures are large files they're behind a cut. I'll probably end up converting everything to jpg files to save space if that doesn't eat too much quality; at the moment the pair is a gif and is too big to go on Photobucket. All comments gratefully received.

And yes, heliograph, this really was the first picture...

Signalling with the Heliograph


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