Marcus L. Rowland (ffutures) wrote,
Marcus L. Rowland

My Eastercon Program

Looks like I'm on three program items at Eastercon:

Friday 7:30pm
venue Gladstone
Panel "Victorian Fandom"
The prehistory of our kind.

Saturday 12noon
Venue Churchill
"Empire of Earth"
Marcus Rowland gives an illustrated talk on Victorian and Edwardian military SF.

Sunday 10:30am
Venue London
"Outsider View: Fan Fiction"
Why do people who do not write fanfic always ask the same questions? What should they be asking instead?

I have no real idea what the first of these will be about - I'd imagine they mean early SF rather than fandom, but I haven't actually had any sort of briefing yet.

I'm writing the second now - a talk plus some pretty pictures, needless to say George Griffith and some other familiar authors and artists will be much in evidence! It isn't showing on the programme grid yet because I only reminded them that I'm doing it yesterday.

As for the third, I have no idea what the questions are, let alone the answers, but presumably I will find out...

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