Marcus L. Rowland (ffutures) wrote,
Marcus L. Rowland

Salute 2011

Spent the day at Salute, a one-day wargames con held at the Excel centre in London's docklands. Because I'd registered in advance I got a goody bag that included a nylon shoulder bag for games / figures and a very nice figure of a US Civil War general on horse. In future I will definitely book in advance, that's a lot of freebies!

Got to play a couple of games, the most notable being 7TV - Cult TV Wargaming, a game based on all those 1970s SF and action TV shows. The scenario pitted various British agents and soldiers (think Jason King plus Emma Peel and other agents as one group, and UNIT-like soldiers and the Brigadier as another) against Doctor Mao and his evil femmedroids (run by me) and a more corporate sort of villain (another player) who was basically being assessed for membership of the Evil League of Evil - Dr. Mao was the examiner. We simply wanted to annihilate London, the good guys wanted to stop us... and failed miserably!

I don't want to get into precise details, since I think they're using this scenario to demonstrate the system at a lot of cons, suffice it to say that the soldiers etc. lost most of their men, with their leader hypnotised and captured by us, the crack team of secret agents could only move one room from their starting point, and the evil side's total losses were one Femmedroid, which took out the Jason King clone as it went to droid heaven. All this without even dumping anyone into the shark tank!

I think I may actually buy this one - it's a bit expensive at £25 (book) or £15 (PDF) but not hideously so by RPG / wargames standards, and there are some quite nice figures for it including several which aren't quite The Doctor and Amy, a "not Captain Jack", femmedroids, etc. The rules aren't too complicated, and it doesn't take itself too seriously.

While I was there I visited a stall selling 2nd hand books, DVDs, and computer games for the Vulcan restoration project and came away with four books, three DVDs and four computer games for a little over £8. Nothing truly amazing, but very good value. I also got five of the Titan 2000 AD collections from the Mongoose stand at £3 each, no idea why they were so cheap.

What I didn't buy, for the first time ever, was any wargaming or RPG material - no idea why, nothing quite clicked with me apart from 7TV.

Next games con is Gamecamp next month - I've never been to one before but it looks interesting. After that Consternation II at New Hall in August and Dragonmeet at the end of November.

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